How to Adopt a Millionaire Mentality According to Sevenist

In the highly competitive industry of sales and marketing, the pursuit of success can seem complicated and overwhelming. In a bid to inspire their team of ambitious contractors, London-based Sevenist held a morning meeting on the common daily habits of millionaires.

Sevenist’s Managing Director, Gus Daniels states “the more success you have, the more you realise that the shifts you need to make to become successful are actually smaller than people would expect.” Discussing a number of tips and tricks Mr Daniels believes that it is important to promote a successful mindset within his workforce.

Be overly enthusiastic and committed to your why – Mr Daniels states that a clear goal within your professional life must be clearly set out, this can be referred to weekly. A clear and challenging business ethos within a company helps keep the business director and staff eager, creating a target challenge everyone wants to meet and maintain.

Write a list of what you “get” to do, not what you “have” to do – Making a note of the opportunities that come along with entrepreneurship are a key form of motivation that Mr Daniels explores within Sevenist’s culture. These key points can be as small as meeting like-minded business people regularly to creating a business empire. The aim of such reminders is to encourage the pursuit of success, and to encourage young professionals to enjoy what they do as this is a vital ingredient within entrepreneurship.

Practice gratitude – Mr Daniels explores gratitude in both his personal and professional life, stressing that everyone adds value whether this is appreciated at the time or upon reflection. This is encouraged within Sevenist amongst contractors starting with the appreciation of the basic aspects of life.

Set up your day for success with a morning routine – A point stressed heavily to entrepreneurs and young professionals that are aiming to pursuit success is that a set morning routine provides routine, and encourages productivity. The most successful business owners that famously adopt a morning routine are individuals such as Virgin Group founder Richard Branson and former United States president, Barack Obama. Popular aspects of such routines consist of physical exercise and mindful activities such as meditation.

Be true to yourself – A statement that can often get lost in the chaos of entrepreneurship but one that Mr Daniels states as one of the most important to keep in mind. For young professionals,  success is reliant on focusing their own goals and not on the distraction of competitor milestones.

Implementing the above points acts as a jumping point for success, laying the foundations for the millionaire mentality Mr Daniels wants to instil within the Sevenist workforce. Mr Daniels not only tries to follow the above tips and tricks himself but also wants to encourage his professionals to implement these in their everyday activities. As part of Sevenit’s business development programme, the company, guide their contractors throughout their professional development to be successful as young entrepreneurs within the sales and marketing sector.