Beat the competition by using Sevenist’s top hacks for a better tomorrow

Productivity typically slumps in December for most small business, and the marketing specialists share their top hacks for maintaining focus throughout the festive period. 


With 2018 on the horizon, many workers are looking forward to this year’s festivities.  The marketing specialists understand the importance of taking time out with friends and family, yet they don’t feel that productivity should suffer in December. This week saw the firm focus on the night before preparation in a bid to keep everyone on task and maintain consistency in results for the firm’s clients. 


Sevenist reveals their four hacks that will boost productivity: 


Hack #1: Plan your outfit, breakfast, and work bag – Many famous people including Simon Cowell have a standardized wardrobe to save time in the morning by automating a daily process.  That doesn’t suit everyone however it is possible to choose and prepare an outfit, work/ gym bag ready by the door for the following day.  Carefully setting out all items will speed up the morning and reduce stress. 


Hack #2: Everyone should make time for a healthy breakfast, the night before prep means that a nutritious and filling meal can be had each day increasing focus and providing a steady release of energy until lunchtime. 


Hack #3: Review your day – Take time to break down the current day addressing what went well, and what could have gone better.  Dissecting the day allows development to happen naturally, over time streamlining processes will boost productivity. 


Hack #4: Practice gratitude – An excellent stress buster proven by scientists is to practice gratitude.  Take 5 minutes before bed to make a list of things that we are grateful for.  This will allow for a better sleep and a confident finish for each day. 


Hack #5: Plan tomorrow – Browse appointments, create a to-do list, focus on essential tasks early on where energy levels are at peak.  Consider any tasks that may throw up obstacles and set up a catch-up hour to finish off any jobs that may have been unfinished.


Sevenist a London based marketing firm encourage their staff and contractors to follow these hacks all year round to help them reach their targets and place them in the spotlight for promotion and advancement opportunities. The firm has had a fruitful year and is excited to finish 2017 with a big final push.  With their Christmas festivities in the planner, everyone is determined to keep on task and have a record-breaking December.