Gus Daniels of Sevenist reveals what inspires his success

Gus Daniels of prosperous sales and marketing firm Sevenist has shared what inspires his success and what led him to start in the direct marketing industry. The lucrative business owner reveals how he hopes to inspire others the way his idols have inspired him.  

Mr Daniel’s biggest inspiration has been his father, who brought his family from Nigeria to the UK when Mr Daniels was nine years old. Mr Daniels attributes his father’s solidity and drive to his success in immigrating to the UK and providing the best for his family. The CEO aspires to act with the same integrity and caring nature in his own life, both personally and professionally. 

Other than his father, Mr Daniels of Sevenist has found inspiration in the lives of famous figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Having seen the star in Commando (1985), he has been enraptured by the Austrian’s untouchable persona and air of discipline ever since, admiring his acting role as a man against hundreds – to go against the odds and win. The CEO hopes to bring the same resolute and determined attitude to running his business.  

Having always been an ambitious character; playing football from a young age, Mr Daniels was projected to become professional, before circumstances and new interests birthed aspirations in business. Since the age of fifteen, he has made plans towards business ownership, without quite being sure as to what industry to commit to. After being advised to study media at college by his brother, Mr Daniels enrolled and later studied film, television, and radio studies at University. After a gap year and stint as a personal trainer, he found career success in sales, which he enjoyed for the wealth of skills it taught him. “For someone who was unsure as to what they wanted to do, it helped put me on the right path to becoming the self-employed business owner I always envisaged I would be”, stated Mr Daniels of Sevenist. 

Having progressed so far in only a couple of years, the business owner and entrepreneur now wants to inspire others to assume leading roles in the industry. His business model practises this as a priority. Sevenist, a trading name of AJG Direct, regularly offers positions to those candidates who are ready to learn and are willing to push themselves to deliver optimum results for the company’s clients. Sevenist claims caring about their consumers and contractors alike is their superpower.