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How many do you tick off? Sevenist reveals the top five yes’s of effective teams.

Effective teamwork can boost growth in business, Sevenist delve into research conducted by Google into highly functioning teams. 

Leaders will implement almost anything if they believe they can boost productivity and efficiency of a team.  Google the world’s largest search engine, researched long and hard into 180 teams over two years.  Looking for indicators of performance and practices they can implement into their culture to maximise their potential. Sevenist, a sales and marketing specialist, is working with a diverse range of personalities on the outsourced campaigns they manage, sharing the ideas from Google with their team they urge other SME’s to do the same: 

Sevenist have elaborated on how they used these questions, to maintain their culture of teamwork 

  1. Can we, as a team, take a risk without feeling insecure or embarrassed?  

Everyone within the firm is encouraged to share ideas if there is a process which anyone feels could be done differently to improve the outcome or improve productivity is invited to share, the criticism must be paired with at least two alternative approaches which are considered an improvement. 

  1. Can we count on each other to deliver high-quality results on time?

Accountability is high within the organisation; each individual is briefed on the importance of their role and how the overall functionality is affected.  The firm is committed to keeping relationships healthy within the workplace and regularly participate in team building exercises. 

  1. Are our goals, roles, and execution plans clear?

Everyone understands their daily and weekly goals.  With regular opportunities to discuss any difficulties, there is ample chance for everyone to voice concerns and keep on track. 

  1. Are we working on something that is personally meaningful to each of us?

Hiring to match the culture of the firm is high on the priority of the company.  Time is taken to identify personal and professional goals, and projects are matched accordingly. 

  1. Do we fundamentally believe that the work that we’re doing matters?

Providing a second to none service for the clients we work with and improving customer experience is high on the agenda for all working within Sevenist.  Anyone who is unsure of their position within the company is encouraged to come forward and ask for help. 

The questions serve as a guide for effectiveness, teams answering more yes’s were found to generate more revenue.  The firm is committed becoming pioneers in the market and encourage everyone within the company to address their role within maintaining a positive culture within the business.