Sevenist discuss the importance of having a good attitude as an entrepreneur

In any industry, having the right kind of attitude will get you places qualifications alone simply can not. The sales and marketing specialists Sevenist recently spoke about how attitude can make someone stand out from the crowd in such a competitive industry.


Sevenist work on the marketing campaigns of some of UK’s biggest brands. The firm has developed an outsourcing solution for clients looking to increase their sales while also demonstrating their product or service directly to the target customer base.


During a workshop, Sevenist spoke about attitude versus aptitude. While aptitude can speed up the process of achieving the end goal, it is by no means a guarantor of success. Attitude, on the other hand, is a tool that opens the doors. As an example, a person could excellent skills to excel in their position. However, having the right attitude could make all the difference and result in getting the better opportunities and meeting people that can push their career or business forward.


Attitude rubs off on others, having a great attitude can influence existing and potential customers, which is important to consider if someone is working face to face with others for a majority of the time. Maintaining a positive attitude is infectious and can lead to unexpected situations such as business opportunities opening up or making connections that could ultimately benefit a person.


Attitude is a multi-faceted feature and a positive attitude can be composed of many things between individuals.


Sevenist shared a few examples for any aspiring entrepreneurs to develop in their attitude:


Passion – Passion is a force of nature when it comes to affecting others. Passion can mean all the difference when it comes to how one feels internally and how they go about their ventures or daily lives.


People-consciousness – Ideas and products are one thing but true success comes when one has people in mind, think facebook or apple, these companies came to be titans as they focused on the benefit that they could provide people. If a person attempts to meet the needs of others, success will become easier to come by.


Ability to deal with fear – No one will be able to live without experiencing fear. Whether this is a speech in front of people in a conference or trying out a new idea. Fear is a challenge to get past as it may affect a person’s performance. Try to instead be calm and tackle everything with a clear mind.


Curiosity – The world is moving on and there is always more information and new discoveries to be tapped into. Knowing what is new will keep a person ahead of the curve in whatever industry. Being curious allows a person to improve every aspect of their being and beat the competition.


Ability to express oneself – Only the individual knows what they are thinking. Nobody can explain the idea better than themselves. Sevenist believes that it is important to express and explain ideas in the clearest way possible, which is something they aim to do with their contractors on a daily basis.


Sevenist has committed themselves to the personal and professional development of their workforce. The firm holds daily morning tutorials so that their young professionals push themselves to take charge in developing an exciting future in entrepreneurship.