Sevenist ‘How We’re Delivering a Personalised Customer Experience.’

With the needs of today’s consumers always shifting Sevenist has revealed their secrets of how to deliver an excellent, consistent customer experience and drive greater brand loyalty.  

The needs of the modern consumer are changing; this is due to an emerging ‘throw away culture’ where new technologies and product advancements are making goods and services more disposable as customers look for the next great deal or the latest tech specification.  This shift in consumer culture is making it difficult for businesses to deliver a service that meets customer need at the same time as offering a consistent quality.  

Sales and marketing firm, Sevenist believe that the way brands need to address this issue are by adopting face-to-face marketing techniques to provide consumers with a personalised service.  A study of 3000 consumers in the U.S. and UK found that more than 70% of consumers expect a personalised buying experience when they interact with a brand. An additional study indicated that 63% of millennial consumers and 58% of Gen X consumers are willing to share their personal data with a company if the return is to receive an increase in personalised offers and discounts. Long gone are the days of consumers wanting to hide their data from brands.  

But even though 48% marketers have the knowledge that personalisation results in more sales, the majority are failing to use it efficiently and in a way that increases consumer engagement. Sevenist is an experienced outsourcing solution that offers brands services to personalise their marketing strategies. The company work’s with some of the UK’s most popular brands, and utilising a team of contractors, Sevenist can develop a comprehensive outsourcing solution for a brand within any industry to offer a personalised approach to their customer buying experience.  

Sevenist provides their clients with a flexible approach to marketing that can be tailored to match any brand or industry.  The firm’s highly trained and professional contractors ensure that the consumer experience is of the highest quality and personalised to increase the business relationship between the brand and customer.  


Source: https://smallbiztrends.com/2017/04/personalized-experience.html