Sevenist on Mayweather’s winning mindset

Sevenist recently spoke about how sports mindedness is a growing necessity for the competitive world of the sales and marketing Industry. Managing Director, Gus Daniels cited professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather as one of his latest inspirations and talked about what can be learned from the unbeaten boxing champion.


Sevenist is a sales and marketing firm based in the capital, which has developed their own winning formula on the marketing campaigns they carry out on behalf of their clients. The firm promise to deliver a high return on investment for brands looking to increase their customer base and brand awareness in the capital.


Mr Daniels is passionate about the personal development of aspiring entrepreneurs. He runs tutorials and workshops every morning to mentor and maximise the capabilities of business professionals less experienced than himself. By getting contractors and aspiring entrepreneurs to master business skills as early as possible, Gus Daniels hopes to see these individuals achieving big things in their future ventures.


Recently, Gus Daniels, an avid sports fan, spoke up on Mayweather. Daniels has become an admirer of Mayweather due to the mindset the champion boxer exhibits. As he explained, Mayweather has never lost a match over his twenty-year-long career. The boxer has belief and confidence in his own abilities, which has given him the edge to become the titan he has become today. Using Mayweather’s example, Sevenist stressed the importance of having a winning mindset.


Every aspiring entrepreneur should stick to their guns and believe that they will succeed in whatever they may do. Adopting a powerful sense of confidence and a drive to see a passion come to fruition is the recipe for grand success. One must work hard to succeed and then work twice as hard to maintain that success but this heavily relies on one’s attitude. A person must envision building a winning mindset gradually over time.


Sevenist recently shared a few tips to develop a winning mindset:


Do not rely on talent

While many individuals may have an innate talent for something  in particular, Sevenist believe that people should not fall prey to solely relying on it. The firm believes that consistent top performers work on their craft and carry out internal investigations to eliminate any and all weaknesses.


Trust the vision

As an aspiring entrepreneur, one must have a vision and stick to it to succeed. Of course, one must be adaptable but they must trust their ideas to work and have unwavering confidence and trust in their vision. Remain optimistic and keep chipping away at the path.


Take action

Action is a necessity to achieving one’s goal. Analyses and calculating gambles for the future are things that do need to be a part of the process. However, one needs to take affirmative action. Be willing to take action, even incorrect actions; as the process of entrepreneurship revolves around learning and a willingness for self-improvement to get closer to achieving true success.