Sevenist Proud to Facilitate Career Progression of Ambitious Students

As the Sevenist summer interns prepare to return to University this autumn, the London based sales and marketing firm have revealed why investing in future graduates is an important company philosophy.

Having taken on several ambitious, driven individuals earlier this summer, Sevenist has been speaking out about their role in providing students with the real-world experience many employers specifically look out for. Gus Daniels, CEO of the firm, recognises how many companies expect graduates to possess relevant qualifications in formal education in addition to several years industry experience, something which can be difficult to obtain while studying.

Sevenist summer interns are given the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of what it takes to work in their chosen vocation; getting some valued experience under their belt and returning to University with a better insight into the day to day requirements of a full-time role. 

Gus, who is openly passionate about helping young people get their career off to the right start, has said; “We teach these young people highly sought-after skills, and we are hopeful that this will help to propel their careers, improving their chances of employment after graduating.”

“After spending the summer with us, some individuals choose to explore careers in this industry, but even if they are studying a subject which is not directly related to sales and marketing, they will undoubtedly learn a lot during their time with us.” The Sevenist workforce is proud to take the summer recruits under their wing, teaching them a range of adaptable skills which are not industry-specific, in order to equip them with a broad skillset to be implemented in whatever field they choose to pursue. “We strive to teach individuals adaptable, lifelong skills such as reading different personalities and situations, and communicating effectively with all kinds of people, as this is the kind of experience employers look out for,” explains Gus.

Sevenist is an innovative sales and marketing firm based in the capital. Working with some of the UK’s biggest brands the company is drafted into work as an extension of their client’s brand. The firm can develop a comprehensive outsourcing solution for brands looking to offer a personalised approach to their customer experience.